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Rubelli presents its first collection of sound-absorbing panels – Cloud Acoustic and Wave Acoustic.
These are two types of thermoformed decorative acoustic panels, produced by Slalom and covered with a wide selection of technical fabrics from the Rubelli collection: four plain and four ornamental designs for a total of 212 options of different patterns and/or colours.
Rubelli by Slalom panels are design wall coverings that can si­multaneously boast a series of features, such as high acoustic performance, a significant aesthetic value, extreme ease and speed of installation and adaptation to the surface to be covered, maximum safety in that they are fireproof and, last but not least, the fact that they are eco-sustainable as they are made of 75% recycled polyester, are 100% recyclable, inert and durable, as well as having GreenGuard Gold certification.
Rubelli by Slalom panels make it possible to create whole or part walls that are unique, with a strong personality.
While Cloud Acoustic panels turn fabric into architecture just thanks to their distinctly three-dimensional structure, Wave Acoustic ones add a pleasing vibrancy to the covered wall resulting from the regular sequence of ripples.
In both cases the final result will be innovative and elegant, the­atrical and creative.

Wave Acoustic

Cloud Acoustic





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