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The commitment to protecting the environment and human health is a priority in our path to sustainability.
Slalom develops its range starting from the idea that each product key are its ingredients, use, durability and reuse/recycling.

Carbon Footprint

The green attitude is not just a technical attention to production aspects, but involves the company ethics itself. The choices that Slalom makes are not only business driven but a lifestyle mood.
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Proud member of
Green Building Council




80% of a product environmental impact is defined during its design. ECOdesign means minimizing the impact of the entire life cycle of the product, from the production processes and materials used up to the duration and possibility of recycling of the product itself. The longevity of Slalom products is guaranteed by easy maintenance and high resistance to use. Mechanical applications allow for simple removal for reuse to celebrate new life!



Green Labels



Slalom provides a range of products equipped with the most advanced certifications in terms of sustainability and well-being, which become a fundamental tool for offering products with a highly innovative content, with a strong aesthetic value and equipped with guarantees that attest to the quality of the products themselves.

Slalom materials are compliant with obtaining green certifications for buildings, thanks to their composition, lack of emissions and materiality.

Product certifications…
…for Building certifications

Particular attention is paid to the selection of natural, recycled and recyclable ingredients, with GRS and Oekotex certifications.



“In order to ensure high product quality and the achievement of ecological standards, we carefully select our partners, suppliers and all the “actors” who contribute to the production and distribution of our range”

Slalom therefore confirms its attitude and interest towards issues related to ecology as well as environmental responsibility.

Zero Waste



“Every left over finds new life in our material library: all samples are regenerated from production waste!” . The fabrics and felt are instead woven into a new pattern dictated by two simple rules: Winter and Summer palette.

Circular economy



Slalom loves to enhance the regeneration of materials, from plastic bottles to natural fibres.

1kg of PETfelt

has saved...

1kg of RE-WOOL

has saved...

The best

is yet

to come...

The 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are taking on ever greater legitimation as a Slalom reference framework and guide for the development of a strategic approach to sustainability. Keeping the nature of the SDGs in mind in every aspect of our operating model allows not only to be part of the change towards greater global sustainability, but also to have access new market opportunities and drive innovation.
The methodological principle that Slalom has adopted for the integration of the SDGs into planning of company activities provides, following an in-depth study of the Objectives and related Targets, the analysis of priorities based on the maximization of positive impacts and the reduction of those negative effects on the economy, people and the environment and the consequent alignment of its objectives with them.
For each impact area, one or more indicators capable of mapping the situation have been identified current situation and monitor future scenarios with the aim of aiming for a constant increase in the level of sustainability and well-being. Establishing concrete, measurable and shared objectives cannot be ignored by strengthening collaborative relationships with all stakeholders and communication e reporting to them.

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