Product: Woody , Bloom , ECOrange WAVE

Type: Installations

Project: Unfolding

Interior design: Studiolatte

Ph: Gianluca Bellomo

This year at Stockholm Design Week 2024 Slalom presents Unfolding, the project signed by Studiolatte that celebrates the love of materials and unveils a preview of the year’s 100% ethical novelties.
Like an open book, the space narrates the company’s commitment to comfort and sustainability through bio-based finishes: here, in fact, are exclusively presented for the first time Woody and Bloom, two new natural coverings for Slalom acoustic products.

Woody comes from the innovative patent pending technology that thermoforms FSC wood and recycled plastic fibres.
No substructures are needed to create high-performance spaces with a sober and contemporary look.

We are now entering a new world, which retains all the positive and green aspects of our collections while changing face. Being able to design acoustics with a wood finish allows us to embrace new and different spaces, taking soundproofing beyond new boundaries” says Elettra de Pellegrin, architect and CEO of Slalom.

Daughter of the same technology is the collection with Bloom finish, a blend of natural fibres and flower petals whose key words are “local fast regrowing natural”.
Ranging from felt and fabric to wood, a cosy space emerges, a path unfolding in three rooms with soft, harmonious colours.
Through the enveloping space, the values of circularity and recyclability are expressed, pivotal to Slalom’s mission towards eco-design and the reduction of environmental impact.

An absolute novelty for Slalom, but especially in the field of acoustics: the fusion of PET fibres with the wood veneer guarantees a solid but lightweight product that is very easy to install, just a few strips of velcro.
And this is how the possibility of reuse and second life, typical of Slalom finishes, is guaranteed.
For the Stockholm Furniture Fair, he dressed our best-selling Millerighe moulding, giving it a completely new look and adding elegance and warmth with its cosy shade.

The blend comes from selected soils that are cultivated to maintain the biodiversity of an ecological corridor, following the seasonality of crops and the rules of climate neutral production.
Treated at high temperatures, the flowers retain their fragrance while losing their allergen.
Another of our flagship products, the ECOwall lends itself perfectly to its new finish.

A new entry in the thermobonded Slalom family.
Its seemingly random waves evoke an elegant drape with a modern design that gives the room a comfortable atmosphere.
At Stockholm presented in PETfabric finish in Sage shade.



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