Type: Events

Project: Onda d’arte @ Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Ph: Alberto Salata

The event is organized by the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, in collaboration with Elle Decor Italia.
Slalom is part of Officinae Guggenheim and technical sponsor of the evening.

Art Direction by Isabella Del Grandi
Totem design by Studio Algoritmo

Such an honour to take part to ONDA D’ARTE in Venice, the event born from the sinergy of Peggy Guggenheim Collection and Elle Decor Italia, where Slalom collaborated with a special edition of Totem, in a new suite inspired by the colors of the Lagoon’s waves.

Conversations, exchanges and dialogues under the moonlight on the iconic panoramic terrace. An evening that celebrated the connection between museum, companies and entrepreneurs who believe in creativity, beauty, and the impact these can have on society and communities.
It was an event dedicated to the Collection’s corporate members, but also to the most influential personalities in the world of architecture, design, and planning.
Special thanks to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection for the creative energy and precious moments to which it always gives life.



| Milan


| Milan


| Doha


| Stockholm

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