Type: Collaborations


Interior design: Debonademeo

Ph: Mauro Folini

Adrenalina, a brand of upholstered furniture that has distinguished itself in the contract world since 1999 with its disruptive and sculptural forms, presents a proposal for the world of hospitality in the installation NOMADHOTEL designed by the designers Debonademeo for the exhibition Rooms – Hotels Design Lab, within the fair InOut|The Contract Community.

The protagonist of NOMADHOTEL is the PASSEPARTOUT collection the rich modular seating system accompanied by partition panels, charging sockets, small tables and tabletops presented at Salone del Mobile 2023, designed by Debonademeo designers.
Passepartout outlines the innovative NOMADHOTEL hotel room, a fluid and multifunctional space where sleeping and living areas merge and divide. For Passepartout’s panels, a new partnership with Slalom is born, the first occasion in which the two companies present themselves together, and Passepartout’s panels are a custom-made creation by Slalom for Adrenalina.
Slalom with its product adds acoustic comfort by using recycled materials and characterizing the space both aesthetically and acoustically. With its finishes both smooth with ECOrange FLAT and embossed with Millerighe, it promotes an attractive look and design.





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