design by Isabella Del Grandi

Idol is an ensamble of three phono-absorbing sculptures by Slalom designed by Isabella Del Grandi with the intention of pushing the boundaries of acoustics with an eclectic touch, vehiculating new symbolic meanings. The re-interpretation of primitive shapes gives life to a series of contemporary totems, consisting in an assemblage of non-traditional geometries in balance with each other.
The design takes its name from original intepretation the ancient greek word εἴδωλον /eídōlon, idol as symbol of mystic powers or object of representation for other meanings.
Carefully crafted by atelier Slalom, every sculpture is finished with ethical and precious felts and fabrics made in Italy, that have been specifically selected for the exhibition, as the evocative colour palette. The diverse nature and aesthetic of the fabrics together with the precise study of colours combine into a multisensorial experience when interacting with the products and concur to the construction of an imaginary landscape.


Product: Dimensions, Applications, Codes
Technical: Data Sheet
Sound Absorption
Sound Absorption:
[Uni En Iso 11654]
Fire Reaction:
B-s2, d0 [UNI EN 13823:2010+A1:2014] | Class A [ASTM E84]
Assembly: Instructions
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Cad: 3D



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