Our passion and our mission coincide in a neologism: Acoustethics! A constant commitment to stay updated on world of Acoustics, to celebrate Ethics and to research innovative architectural forms and materials that are not only technical but Aesthetic.

Acoustics. Ethics. Aesthetics.




The sources of noise inside a building or a space can be of different types and origin.
In particular, the speech frequencies recorded in worskplaces, meeting rooms and so on may cause severe dis-comfort and pathological disorder if not properly “treated”.
Our sound-absorbing products promote concentration, productivity, comfort, both physical and psychological; they allow you to have private spaces which are acoustically appropriate, not as closed boxes, alienating and not at all comfortable, but like friendly environments where the pleasure of work is the central focus that the company pursues in the design and realization of the products.


Acoustic projects



The first step to reach the acoustic comfort is the acoustic survey, essential process to get the maximum efficiency. Without a study any action may not be effective.
Slalom can assist you during planning, enhancing and correcting your space.

our team

Sound absorption test




All Slalom soundabsorbing panels are tested according to following specifications: UNI EN ISO 354: 2003, UNI EN ISO 11654: 1998.
The formalization of the performance allows the reading of the behavior of the panels at all frequencies, to evaluate the effectiveness of their correction in the specificity of the project.
Designed to be particularly performing in speech frequencies, our panels are suitable for correcting any interior environment.


Behind the acronym ESG, there are three very clear terms:

Environmental, Social and Governance, three fundamental dimensions for verifying, measuring, controlling and supporting the commitment in terms of sustainability of a company or organisation.

“E” of Environmental are environmental criteria and evaluate how a company behaves towards the environment in which it is located and the environment in general. >

“S” are related to the social impact and examine the impact and relationship with the territory, with people, with employees, suppliers, customers and in general with the communities with which it operates or has a relationship.

Finally, the “G” of Governance concerns the issues of corporate management inspired by good practices and ethical principles. In this context, the issues under examination concern the logic linked to the remuneration of managers, respect for the rights of shareholders, the transparency of decisions and of corporate choices, respect for minorities.

ISO 9001


Slalom is ISO 9001 certified, an international standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS), published by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).
SLALOM has always been aware of the importance and responsibility that carrying out its business activity entails towards the market and the end users of the products and services it promotes.


Slalom collaborates with passion in acoustic and sustainability researches. The theoretical basis and knowledge are the fundamental driving force behind the development of our products, to guarantee acoustic comfort and therefore well-being.


Slalom is actively involved in promoting and raising awareness on circularity and acoustic well-being. “Sustainable acoustics intended as architectural integration is our priority; Our duty is to support schools and universities so that these issues become increasingly widespread”

Local actions



Slalom bases its activity on principles of social responsibility by promoting the economic and social context in which it is inserted. The company makes choices aimed at designing a better future by paying particular attention to the field of youth training. There are numerous collaborations with educational institutions and non-profit organizations aimed at guaranteeing comfortable study environments and particular individual sensitivities.

Slalom recognizes the fundamental importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
Ethical values guide the way of doing business, maintaining strong internal cohesion through listening and dialogue to encourage professional development opportunities in a stimulating and safe environment, promoting people’s well-being. “We are proud of an 80% female team in all positions”

80% women

Innovation: A keyword that contains multiple facets. For Slalom it means the use of new/sustainable/performing materials and combinations of materials, selected from Material Connexion’s material libraries around the world. But it also means paying attention to changes in the use and conception of space, in order to offer effective responses. Innovation for us also means being able to transform an object into a project with high standards.


Supporting Culture

“Since 2020 we are proud to be alongside the Peggy Guggenheim collection in the Offinea journey”.
Slalom loves and respects architecture even in the choices of its locations, such as the showroom in the heart of Milan “Cà degli Artisti”, a building protected by historical restrictions.


Shapes and performance are closely linked to our research. The commitment is to always offer attractive products with basic and clean lines.
They are able to be installed in any type of space, but not only that. The effectiveness in terms of acoustics is designed and integrated into our range of panels, since the very first steps: come to like starting from their performance.

From performance to materiality, through three technologies: Ecorange, Tailor Made, Felt and Curtain.


A collection of thermoformed panels, with varying densities, born from an engineered process. Lightweight, high-performance and single-material, the panels in this collection, with recycled polyester inner material, offer a variety of possibilities in terms of size, shape and finish. The panels can be single-sided to be placed side-by-side and adhered to surfaces, or double-sided for remote and free-standing applications.

A tailor-made system of sound-absorbing panels made of recycled and recyclable polyester fibres. Available in two types: T-FRAME, a panel with a rigid internal structure, and T-LIGHT, a lightweight panel with visible seams. Both are recycled, recyclable and 100% customisable, so leave room for ideas, oversizes and imagination, we will assist you in creating YOUR panel!!

A skin, an eye-catching coating to embrace your walls, furniture or ceilings. Flexible, customisable and easy to apply.
It is a sound-absorbing layer in ECOfelt, PETfelt or DECOfelt. with different thicknesses possible: 3 mm, 4.5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm. The reverse side is plain or self-adhesive for easy application, printable with logos and images, and available in decorative and two-colour combinations.

Contemporary spaces seek flexibility: from this need comes Curtain, a multi-purpose, sound-absorbing solution that offers varying degrees of privacy or acts as a lightweight partition system in open spaces. In Trevira, PETcolor, PETfabric, perforated felt or Velvet finish, with in-line, round or unlimited shape configurations that offers varying degrees of privacy or behaves as a lightweight partition system in open spaces.

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